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Fast Track Entry into Canada – Nexus

Enrolment in the Nexus Trusted Traveller Program is available to citizens and permanent residents of Canada and the US. Having a NEXUS card will enable you to clear customs more quickly as well as offering additional benefits.


NEXUS Card holders can

Use designated self-serve kiosks when exiting certain international airports;

Get pre-cleared by phone for arrival at a marine port of entry;

Use designated security lines at domestic airports;

Use Global Entry kiosks in US airports.

Fee Structure

QueueCision service fee$129.99(USD) One off fee$129.99
Government Fee$50(USD) one off fee$50.00


Nexus Kiosks

Nexus members can use Nexus kiosks at all major airports in Canada and Global Entry lanes at US airports. TSA Precheck is also included with your Nexus Membership which allows to you TSA Precheck lanes on departure from the USA. Your Nexus PASSID should be used instead of your Known Traveler number when booking air travel in order to qualify for TSA Precheck


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